Moroccan Dinners

Discover the finest of Mediterranean Cuisine. 

Moroccan Dinners are properly an adventure for the senses: the alliance of sweet and salted in any dish, raw and cooked vegetables, the unusual association of spices and herbs in savory dishes is a unique and enjoyable experience at the table. Moroccan cuisine is flavorful and mildly spiced. Dinner starts with an assortment of little salads served with Moroccan breads. The main entrée is prepared with meat (lamb, beef or chicken) enlivened with a delicate combination of spices, seasonings, and unusual ingredients like preserved lemons.


This Mediterranean cuisine is flavorful and mildly spiced. The main entrée can be a Couscous or a Tajine. Both are usually prepared with meat and vegetables but also with strictly vegetarian ingredients. Moroccan bread is offered with the appetizers, and Dessert is served with Moroccan tea, a green tea with fresh mint.  The traditional making and pouring of tea in small glasses is done in front of you. As all along the dinner Simone introduces you to what is behind the food you eat.

Price of dinner: $45 per person gratuity included.

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