Andy Stoll recently completed a three and half year solo, independent trip around-the-world through 37 countries on 5 continents where he, among other things, studied real world cooking, not from 5-star chefs, but from moms, grandmas, nannies, street cart vendors and cafe cooks in some of the dustiest, most forgotten corners of the world.  

From the wet markets of East Asia through the bazaars of the former Soviet Union to a remote mud hut village in Zambia, Andy sampled some of the world's most amazing foods, made without electronic gadgets, microwaves or big box supermarkets.

Eating a Malaysian Steamboat in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Andy is a filmmaker, social entrepreneur and an occasional chef originally from Iowa City, Iowa.  Andy has taught cooking classes at The New Pioneer Coop and The Prairie Table; worked in a gourmet cup cake factory in Hong Kong; served as executive chef at a luxury cattle ranch in the Australian Outback, cooked apple pie on Armenian national television and spent four months as the morning cook and night-time bartender for the overland truck drivers in Balladonia, Western Australia with a population of ten thanks to his presence in that little remote town.

Andy will be joining Simone for this International Mezzé and will share some of the best stories, recipes and foods he discovered on the open road.

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