French Dinners

Choice Meats or Fish, in-season Vegetables, a traditional cuisine revisited.

Dinners are based on classics of French cuisine, or regional specialties: Simone likes to play with a tradition she knows well from both her upbringing in France and her yearly trips to her native country. The courses include hors d'oeuvres, a first course, a main entrée served with plenty of seasonal vegetables, fresh salad greens, assorted cheeses, and dessert.

Simone serves only prime quality food, grown or raised without chemicals, often organic, preferring locally produced items. This use of unprocessed, in-season food and abundant fresh vegetables ties Simone’s cooking to the menus of the best creative chefs in modern France. You choose the entrée giving Simone a few choices. She will decide according to availability and suggest an accompanying menu. Meals can focus around beef, lamb, pork, rabbit, chicken, fish, or bison.

Price of dinner: $45 per person gratuity included.

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