Gourmet pizza, hand-made only with the finest ingredients!

Brick-oven Pizza dinners celebrate the traditional pizzas of Italy and France. Over the years Simone has created her own, and they exemplify her cooking concept of “plain and simple”: a few choice ingredients let you savor a perfect balance of fresh garden vegetables and herbs, quality cheese, sometimes meat or seafood, on Simone’s original hand-made thin crust.

Pizzas are baked directly on the sole of the brick oven while a hot fire blazes in the back. The intense heat (up to 700ºF) seals the flavor of the toppings and creates a wonderful baked crust in a few minutes. You are always invited to go see your pizza being baked.  A pizza dinner includes Hors d'oeuvres, Soup, an assortment of five Pizzas, Salad and Dessert.

Cost: $40 per guest for a minimum of 8 adults.  $35 for 12 or more adults.  Gratuity included.

Special prices for children.

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November 15, 2010