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Nestled in the rolling hills of southeast Iowa near peaceful Kalona, Simone Delaty offers an array of unique dining experiences and homemade bread crafted in the great tradition of French bakers.  The brick oven was built in 1992 and is situated in the heart of Simone's homestead.

Simone creates home-cooked meals by using the freshest, locally grown ingredients—many from her own kitchen garden—that are served family-style around a large table. Sun-ripened vegetables (all organically grown), quality meats, aromatic herbs and spices, and luscious fruits inspire dishes both rustic and refined.

I no longer offer Dinners for private parties.  Over a Season, from April to November, you will find a choice of Events such as Pizza dinners or Picnics on the grass which are open to adults as well as children.  Tables 
d’Hôte offer the finest dining at the communal table.

These public Events will be scheduled and announced shortly after they are planned; there will be no yearly calendar. Anyone wishing to be kept updated of any upcoming Events, please use the sign-up space provided below and subscribe to my mailing list, so you will receive notifications of the specific dates and the details of upcoming events.

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